You may decide to have a vow renewal for many reasons. Renew your commitment to each other and show that the vows you took are still considered important.

Recommit each other and your vows to the Creator of all.
Marriage and Family Consultation, Prayer Therapies, and Intervention
Marriage is a team effort. Even the most compatible couples often struggle to find a balance between their lives at times. When the honeymoon phase is over, the reality of life tends to sink in, exacerbating problems that might already have been lying beneath the surface.

And once children are born into a marriage, they bring with them a whole new set of challenges that can be hard to overcome if both parents aren’t working together to resolve them.

Our Consultation, Prayer Therapies, and Intervention services will teach you how to work together as a team with your spouse and confront your problems and challenges in order to resolve and get rid of them, so you can maintain a happy home.

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