Substance Addiction

Prayer Therapy, Spiritual Intervention, Consultation

Prayer Therapy, Spirit Release, and Spiritual Intervention by video, audio, chat, telephone, and face to face.

Get prayer therapy and Spiritual Interventions for Substance Addiction Issues such as:

  1. Alcohol Uses, and Withdrawal
  2. Caffeine intoxication and withdrawal.
  3. Cannabis addiction (such as, marijuana)
  4. Hallucinogens (which include PCP, angel dust, super grass, boat, tic-tac, zoom, mushroom, magic mushroom, shrooms and more)
  5. Inhalants such as (such as glue, gasoline, paint thinners, cleaners, and various aerosol)
  6. Opioid (such as opium, morphine, heroin, codeine,
    China white, black tar, horse, smack, junk, and dope also abuse of prescription pain medications, etc.
  7. Sedatives, (such as valium,)
  8. Stimulants (such as cocaine, methamphetamine)
  9. Tobacco

30 Minutes Individual Prayer Therapy, and Spiritual Intervention $100

1 Session Individual Prayer Therapy, and Spiritual Intervention Consultation $215

Crisis Session (Call for more information)

Continuous prayer Support and monitoring are available upon request

Others Please call