At Creator of All, we help your spiritual side attain new heights. By connecting with the Creator of all and learning to embrace spirituality, you will be able to achieve a sense of immense peace and tranquility.


​Through prayer and inner reflection, you can learn to understand and experience the greatness of the Creator and allow it to touch all the facets of your life. Learn a better way to create positive outcomes in your life. Most importantly, learn what makes you whole. Be guided on your own unique path to wholeness,
well-being and success, a path that is the birthright of every individual.

Daily Reflection, Thoughtcation Broadcast is Creator of All’s offering to you to help you set a positive intention for the day and beyond. A clear, mindful reflection to start the day will help shape every thought, action, emotion and feeling that you experience.


Do you ever feel like there is a spiritual presence co-existing with you? We believe we exist in this world with good and evil spirits. Good spirits are from the Creator of All and seek us out to deliver positive energy to our lives. Bad spirits want to rip our lives apart and deliver nothing but chaos to our lives. These bad spirits will go as far as attaching themselves to us to guide our lives and lead us into negative, dark spaces.

Did you know your entire being contains various unique layers? Several types of negative energy can accumulate within these layers. This negativity must be dealt with to resolve your day-to-day problems in life. Recognizing this negativity as the root cause to your problems and committing to remove it from your being is the first step to feeling cleansed, renewed, rejuvenated, and whole. Our service utilizes a combination of prayer and talk-based intervention to cleanse your spirit, soul and your other layers.

Our Spiritual Release and Deliverance Intervention works in a series of four steps:
• Initial assessment to determine the depth of your problem;
• Schedule a series of cleansing interventions to clear toxins, parasites, bacteria, Negative Spiritual
Forces, Negative Energies, Spirit Attachment, Toxic Emotions, Negative Projections or Attack, or
Negative Objects;
• Daily customized prayer to cover you and your family from the interference of negative spirit and/or
• Monthly monitoring of your spirit to ensure your body layers are free of manipulation, control,
interference, and transference.

Consistency is the key to your personal success.

Would you like to develop a closer connection to the Creator, you’re at the right place. Book a Session and Join us.

Spiritual cleansing session