Focused Prayer Therapy, and Intervention
Individuals, families, and entrepreneurs

It’s All About You and The Creator of All

This is about your life and how you choose to live it.
Life is full of choices. It’s your time, your choice.
You can get the best in home monitoring and protection; now, do the same for yourself.

Invisible unnoticed negative spirits exist to manipulate and cause all kinds of problems, lurking in the shadows of darkness; and must be dealt with to resolve problems in your life.

These negative spirits interfere and manipulate every aspect of your life.

Are you aware that there are various unique layers of you?

Several types of negativity can accumulate in your layers such as negative spiritual forces, negative energies, negative
objects or negative implants.

It’s important to take care of all your various layers and your environment.

Awareness is the key.
Remove Your Root Causes of Problems and Be Cleansed.

Options for Cleansing:

1. Take decisive action, now – by experiencing cleansing through The Creator of All Spiritual Release and Intervention Therapy. These negative entities must be cleared.

2. Have a Spiritual Monitoring Service – after your cleansing sessions, we provide a spiritual prayer cover for you, your family, your relationships with prayer to monitor spirit interferences, manipulations, control and transference.

Negative spiritual forces can return, so you must be careful and be covered with constant special prayers. You must continuously be cleansed of these spirits. Dr. Yishrayl Utah shows you how to achieve this consistency.

Spiritual Monitoring Services bring you spiritual check-ups, the scanning of your various layers and clearing. It’s vitally important that you join our prayer team, too; prayer will sharpen your spiritual path of communication with the Creator of All.

And you’ll have access to further consultations.

Areas of Service:

Spiritual Development: Every breach of the Law of the Highest exposes the people to the evil spirits and could be related to your ancestors’ behaviors genetically. In Spiritual Development, you will embrace the root cause of your behavior, awareness becomes your focus; in our teachings, the negative spirituality is removed which is necessary to enhance the power of your prayer; you will experience spiritual and physical protection, release from spiritual attachments, and removal of spiritual interference and influence. Release yourself from negative beliefs, thoughts, hindrances, ancestral and genetic patterns. Embrace trustful communication and fellowship in daily prayers and chats; practice repentance prayer each day in constant spiritual protection with your Creator of All.

Life After Death: What happens after you leave this planet? What happens to your loved ones? What kind of life have you created? What lessons have you learned? What’s your legacy? What does the Creator require for a better life for you?

Virtual Health Management: You will be on our prayer list; we monitor your health, with our non-medical health management assistance. Choose the right foods to live healthy, reduce weight, clear your environment of negative energies, and healthy habits – nutritional foods, herbs, supplements, vitamins, minerals, (no hybrid or dead foods).