When We Pray Together We Are Stronger As One! Pick The Time To See The Best Positive Affirmations To Think About During that Hour! Follow The Prayer Clock And Embody The Creator Of All Lifestyle!!

This is where we incorporate Thoughtcation (A Thoughtcation is thought vacation intended to provide spiritual guidance and reflection, to change your thoughts and shift your focus). This Prayer Therapy will root out negative thoughts and negative energy, therefore focusing on your life unique purpose, daily goals and positive solutions.

Prayer Key
Spiritual Insight, Daily Goals, Authority, Creator of All, Bible Study, Mindfulness, inspirational quote, Manifestation, Meditation, life lessons, Destiny, Truth, Enlightenment, anointing oils, Alter, Incense, Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, Meditation Retreat, Meditation and Anxiety, Meditation Benefits

With all kinds of spiritual warfare also known as spiritual attachments and attacks from negative spirits, you need supernatural strength from the Creator of All to clear yourself from destructive negative energy and negative spirits living within you and around you and break free from the bondage and the power they hold over you. What are the labels you placed on yourself?

Think of the labels you’ve placed on yourself by your thoughts. Practice ways to stop negative thoughts, prevent stress producing patterns

Remove toxic patterns of thinking and replace them with healthy thoughts. You can change how you think. Stop the negative reinforcement.

Every feeling we have is the direct result of something we were thinking.

Life events can create the emotions. There is a link between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Prayer Key
Spiritual Release, Evil Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Negative Energy Clearing, demons, Banish Negative Spirits, Spiritual attack, Curses, Spells, Hexes, Bondage, Cords, Negative Covenants, Negative Vows

Prayer-Focus to succeed in your business, money issues, and your job. Find out how smart business owners and career professionals take action with the Power of PRAYER to create a SOLID foundation and take their success to the NEXT LEVEL with access to a community that has positively impacted thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs around the world to arm you with resources, step by step courses, and tools to transform your business/career for the better and to the next level.

Prayer Key
Grow your Business, Peace on the Job, Have More Money, Success, Abundance, Finances after marriage, Finances and divorce, Finances and relationships, Finances and depression, Finances after death, Finances bullet journal, Finances before marriage, Finances bible, Finances between Couples, Jobs hiring

Begin your marriage and family together with the Creator of all.

Relationship, engagement, pre-marriage counselling, background check and screening on your partner, marriage vows, including your wedding ceremony.

Want a better relationship with your significant other, extended family, and children? This is exclusively designed to help you cultivate and enjoy a greater sense of peace, joy, and tranquility in your family. You will provide a peaceful legacy in your family for generations to come.

Whether you’re going through difficult time (Arguments, Miscarriage, Adoption, Infertility, Domestic Abuse, Separation, and Divorce, ETC), take advantage of our one-on-one counseling options to dissect and breathe a new life into your relationships.

The Creator of All offers unique services that address not just the physical aspects of a family and marriage, but the emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual ones as well. We help guide the family accordingly so they can live in complete harmony as part of the Creator’s own family.

Prayer Keys
Love, Marriage, Pleasures, Sexual Matters, Attractions, Relationship, Friendship, wedding Planning, Marriage Vows, Marriage Renewals, Joy, Party, Beauty, Right connections, Background Check. Communication, Attraction, Love Desires, Dating, Anniversaries, Choices, In -laws, Children, Daycare, Grand Parents, Retirement, Elderly, Community, Friends, Beauty, Music, Vacation, Harmony, Expectations, Values, Understanding, Meetings, Discipline, Trust, Character, Perseverance Honesty, Appreciation, Responsibility, Obligation, Instincts Cooperation, Forgive, Loneness, Self-Control, Confidence, Adoption, Siblings, Entertainment, Joy, Travel, Fertility, Acquaintances, Partnership, Household Chores, Pets, Traditions, Customs, Leadership, Independence, Wedding planning, Plan your Marriage Vows, Rededication, Divorce, Separation, Single, Widow, Restoration, Relocation, Moving, Transition

Learn the numerous ways to use our prayer therapy to pray at each circumstance in your life, to protect you, your loved ones, your business/career, and job, from the enemies and the negative energies. You want to ensure continuous fortification and success.

Safeguard Your Home, Vehicles, and Environment with the correct devices.

Special prayers, and devices specifically for every home to arm and equip you with tools you NEED to keep the evil spirits and negative energy out of your home to guarantee your family safety and unity.

Prayer Keys
Home, Workplace, Spiritual and Physical Protection, Shields, Cameras, Protection, Alarm, Background Check, anointing oils, Water, Incense, Alter. Devices for Protection, Use of Crystals and Gemstones, Defense

There are many, many forms of abuse – some of which are self-inflicted. Anyone can be abused, and anyone can be an abuser. Some people may not even realize they are being abused or that they are the ones doing the abusing. Abuse is prevalent in families and marriages, but it can also happen outside this realm as well. A person doesn’t have to be related to you to be an abuser. Teachers, preachers, employers, coworkers, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and even best friends can all be abusers.

Stop the cycle now Through the Power of prayer to the Creator of All

Prayer Keys
Illegal drug abuse, Prescription drug abuse, Alcohol abuse, Internet addiction, Pornography addiction, Work addiction, Video game addiction, Domestic violence, Verbal abuse, Emotional abuse, Financial abuse, Sexual abuse, Physical abuse, Spiritual abuse, Digital abuse, Bullying, and Stalking, Neglect, Bruises, Abuse cycle, abuse counseling, Abuse charges, abuse dependence addiction, Abuse excuse

Discover different types of addictions and addictive personalities and how to use the limitless power of Prayer therapy and Exclusive Group Guidance to finally beat addiction… And MORE importantly, STAY CLEAN!

Prayer Keys

  • Alcoholism Addiction, Amphetamine Addiction, Anger Aggression Addiction, Coffee Addiction, Cocaine Addiction
  • Drug Addiction, Food Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Internet Addiction, Marijuana Addiction, Meth Addiction
  • Methadone Addiction, Nicotine Addiction, Opioid Addiction, Plastic Surgery Addiction, Pornography and masturbation
  • Prescription Drugs Addiction, Sex Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Video Game Addiction, addictions and recovery

Creator of All Center is a place for Prayer, Intervention, and Support. When you or someone you care about is facing mental and emotional health challenges, it’s vital to have proper support. There are prayer therapies and intervention that will help you or your loved one to return to a sense of hope.

Prayer Keys
Mental Health & Disorder

Access to a safe environment where you use prayer therapy to bring healing to different problems in life.

Prayer Key
Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual health, Depression, Anxiety, Divorce, Single, Competition, Men’s addiction issues, Men’s issues with body, image, Men’s commitment issues, Men’s health issues, Erectile Dysfunction, Men’s self-esteem issues

Look into your health problems from a different perspective. Find out the REAL root causes of your health problems and super-charge your complete well-being to achieve total wholeness…

This is where we come in. We will share with you plans, and strategies, to combat various health issues to live a happy fulfilled life.


See the root of the health issues, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical
Various Health Issues, healthy food, Vitamins, Nutrition, Health insurance, Fitness, Body Image, Weight Management, Prayer for healing, healing stones, products, Teas, Herbs

Access to a safe space for women from all walks of life to find your inner strength and uncover your life unique purpose through prayer and connection with other women in our group. As a member of the Creator of all community, you’ll also get an opportunity to showcase your businesses and/or talents to the group.

Prayer Keys
Women support, women entrepreneurs, women for women, women health, single, divorced, stress, women goals.

Creator of all guidance and lifestyle for the whole you at 55 Years and Beyond.

Prayer Keys
Baby boomers, empty nester, retirement, absent children, Health, Mental clarity, will and testament, Estate

What will be your legacy?
Be prepared, pray for yourself and make sure those you will leave behind will be alright after you’ve gone to meet your maker.

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