Creator of All Presence


Listen to the Prayers that will impact your life in positive ways. Please support The Creator of All global charity works. We pray that the Creator of All will prosper you in various areas of your life as you give.

Prayer is at the heart of Creator of All mission. Positive prayer that gets results is the most powerful tool for realigning ourselves with our core purpose. When we lose our awareness of the Creator of All, we lose direction and meaning. By learning the most effective way to pray and express gratitude, we can fully surrender ourselves to the incredible clarity, peace, and happiness that comes from being in the Creator of All’s presence. As a member of the Creator of All, you will participate in an ongoing series of guided prayer sessions to achieve direct and measurable results in your life, helping you to change in the right direction and win life challenges.

We offer weekly Prayer Therapies through our Creator of All membership. While it is free to be a part of our membership and to participate in Prayer Therapies, we ask for monetary support to pay the cost of providing a forum to host the meetings online.

Our members can participate in monthly Prayer Therapies via video.