Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is not blind faith. It is a dynamic exchange between you and the Creator of All

Listen to the Prayers that will impact your life in positive ways. Please support The Creator of All global charity works. We pray that the Creator of All will prosper you in various areas of your life as you give.

Prayer is an inward journey, it’s role is to awaken the channel that already exists between you and the Creator of All. We are infinitely connected to the Creator of all. Prayer is how we praise and rejoice in the connection, and how we receive answers to our concerns.

The Power of Prayer:

Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah developed the focused Prayers as a way of deepening her awareness of the Creator’s presence in her life. After years of study and devout reflection, she is overjoyed to be able to share this revolutionary method with the Creator of all family.

Dr. Utah teaches that, instead of praying to the Creator to do as we’d like, we should pray for a positive redirection of our focus, and get the Creator’s perceptive. Prayer is LISTENING; not talking over what we need to hear. Focus on the right thoughts, the right behavior, the right creating, and you transform your life.

Dr. Utah’s prayers are precisely worded and addressed to the Creator in such a way that the practitioner can gain great insight into the totality of who he or she is. At the Creators family, Dr. Utah connects with each member and is able to select prayers unique to their life situations, thus maximizing the effects.

By following the blueprint of Dr. Utah’s Prayer, you will merge with the flow of the Creator’s intention.
Through daily prayer, the balance between your thoughts, feelings, behavior and imagination is reset and revitalized.
Don’t wait, CREATE the life you want with the Creator of All… Empower your day with Dr. Utah’s Prayer.