Meet Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah:

It’s my job is to help you understand what it means for you to be whole, fellowship with the Creator of all and to show you how to work towards it. Hoverer it’s your job to perform the right actions to become whole.

Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah, BS, MBA, Naturopath, Herbalist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist a Consultant, a Minister, a Wellness Coach, and Spiritual Advisor. Dr. Utah founded the Creator of All to help individuals to the true knowledge of the Creator of All and to channel the strength of the Creator to heal and cope with life. The Creator of all represents the cumin action of her business, Wholistic, Nutritional, Naturopathic expertise and Ministry work, also her lifelong devotion to the Creator of All, The cosmic source of all life, light, and praise.

Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah learned the value of hard work and prayer early in life, and had visionary experiences that revealed to her the enduring presence of the Creator of All. After leaving her homeland of Nigeria, she and her family settled in London and later New York. She attended university of Maryland for her first degree, and University of Baltimore, graduating with an MBA in Business.

After several years serving corporate interests, her work left her exhausted, so she turned her attention to rebuilding her health. She realized that if she was not well, she was not whole: in short, she was not uniting all her needs–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual–into one purposeful endeavor. She immersed herself in meditative focused prayer and research, and spent the next few years surrendering to the Creators direction and making sure that the infrastructure of her life supported this. She moved to San Diego to study Nutrition, Herbs, and Kinesiology, and became certified as a naturopathic health care practitioner, Certified Nutritionist, and Herbalist.

She resettled in Maryland, where she ran a mental health clinic, served as an activist and mentor for abused women, and children with special needs, and was a popular radio guest on behalf of various ministries around the country. Today she acts as the founder and leader of The Creator of all family, where she gives inspired instruction on how to attain wholeness to a community of dedicated people who have become more than just a community, they are a spiritual family well-informed and nourished by the true word of the Creator of all.

Dr. Utah teaches a way of life that addresses the whole person. The purpose of her ministry is to offer focused, prescriptive prayer and good-old-fashioned pragmatism to rewire daily routines to get results.