Individual Consultation, Coaching, and Interventions

Assessment – We at Creator of All offer a combination of free and paid spiritual and prayer counseling and intervention services. While the free services we offer are open to the community, we offer an assessment for anyone interested in our consultation, coaching, or intervention services. Prior to enrolling in these services, we conduct a brief assessment with our prospective clients. This assessment gives us a chance to get to know you and learn about you and what you want to gain by participating in our services.

Once our assessment is complete, we will proceed to book your appointment.

Consultation and Coaching Services

We believe 1-to-1 support is something that everyone can benefit from. Long gone is the belief that people that seek extra support are “crazy”. We exist to embrace believers of all faiths and to help everyone in their journey to healing. We understand how challenging it is to find consultants and life coaches that offer flexible, remote service options. We are willing to provide individual consultation and coaching by video, chat, text, and telephone.


Individual Coaching and Consultation Via Video and Telephone

30 Minute Individual Session – $70

1 Hour Individual Session – $125