Focused Thoughts/Guidance (Thoughtcation)

Listen to the Prayers that will impact your life in positive ways. Please support The Creator of All global charity works. We pray that the Creator of All will prosper you in various areas of your life as you give.

Most of us acknowledge that there are aspects of our lives that we want to change if only we had the time or the ability to address the problem. We may want to give up a habit, lose weight, or find a better way of raising our children. Maybe our career or relationships are unsatisfying. We may experience persistent or lingering health issues, or we may feel that we are unfulfilled spiritually.

We invite you to join us for a Daily Spiritual Retreat. Each day we inspire and challenge everyone to connect with the Creator by offering a Thoughtcation. A Thoughcation is a daily message intended to provide spiritual guidance and reflection, and to enjoy a thought vacation.

Want to join us? Here is how you get started!

Visit our website to get our daily personal message and prayer.
Our daily messages and prayers can be used during your morning prayer. You can also use our daily messages and prayers as affirmations that you post at home or work to keep you inspired throughout the day. Imagine having pre-written messages and prayers that will give you a:

• Deeper sense of connection with the Creator while navigating your busy life.
• A spiritual based framework to guide you to good habits and choices into your daily life
Allow the Creator of All to guiding your mind, your thoughts, and your perception of daily challenges.
• Nourish your soul and spirit
• A way to use the Creator’s message as a source of strength intervene in your daily problems.
• Be your Best Self each day.

Now is the time to act!