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At the Creator of All we take a both holistic and biblical approach to counseling couples on their journey through life. Most are stripped of their identities and do not know who they are. We are The Creator of  All family. Our unique services address not just the physical aspects of a family and marriage, but the mental, spiritual, and emotional ones as well. We assist with guiding the family according to what the Creator wants us to live as his own family. Creating a global family starts with you, in your home, and inside of your mind.

Pre-marital Counseling and Prayer

Couples who are planning to make the lifelong commitment to one another through marriage may benefit from our Consultation, Prayer, Intervention and Support Center. A consultant will help address issues in their relationship and provide guidance on lingering issues that have the potential to ruin their marriage from the beginning. The pre-marital stage is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of your relationship. Our teachings are according to the bible and counseling methods are distinct and individualized according to the need of the individual, which allows them to explore all aspects of commitment, trust, and related issues at their own pace.

Marriage Ceremony and Vows

In the United States alone, there are an approximately one million divorces each year and lack of communication is one issue that is often cited as the cause of divorce. The pressure and struggles of everyday life tend to filter into our married lives unless our marriage is built on a solid foundation within the principals and guidelines set forth by the Creator of all.

At the Creator of all Center, we initiate the marriage ceremony and vows in a Biblical way and spiritual truth. The marriage ceremonies are planned according to the couple’s personal visions, and expectations. We work closely with them to ensure their big day is a success and everything they dreamed that it could be. Start your life together right with the Creator of all

Marriage and family Consultation, Prayer, and Intervention

Marriage is a team effort and even the most compatible couples often struggle to find a balance within their lives at times. When the honeymoon phase is over, the reality of life tends to sink in and that can exacerbate problems that already may be lying below the surface. Further, once children are born into the marriage, they bring with them a new set of challenges that can be hard to overcome if both parents aren’t working together to resolve them. Our consultation, prayer and intervention services will teach you how to work together as a team with your spouse and confront your problems so that they may be resolved in a way that is most beneficial for your family.

Conflict Resolution

Some families do not have the skills or even the desire, at times, to resolve conflicts on their own and an outside mediator needs to be called in. Our prayer, intervention and support services can help your family see and understand each other’s points of view and show you how to work toward a solution to the conflict that appeases everyone while keeping your family’s best interest in mind. If you are having doubts or second thoughts about getting married or are involved in a family conflict that you just cannot see a way out of, you do not have to deal with it alone. We are here to help you.