Membership Classes

Listen to the Prayers that will impact your life in positive ways. Please support The Creator of All global charity works. We pray that the Creator of All will prosper you in various areas of your life as you give.

Creator of All offers Membership Classes for anyone that chooses to become a member of our global community. This structured, interactive 5-class series is broken down into 5, 90-minute classes designed to help you gain a closer understanding the original truth of existence and gain a closer connection with the Creator. Dr. Yishrayl Utah along with her enlightened instructors will unravel the truths to you

Below are the class topics:

Class 1: What the Bible teaches us about the Creator of Al

Class 2: Unveil Generations upon generations of sins, judgments, curses, and negative spirits that are with you, that cause you problems.

Class 3: Learn about the Pre-Flood, after the flood, the fallen angels, and how they play a role today in our life and society.

Class 4: Life After Death: What happens after you leave this planet earth? Where are you going after death? How do you prepare for this transition into the spirit world? What happens to your loved ones? What kind of life have you created? Did you discover your mission on this planet earth? What does the Creator require for a better life for you?

Class 5: Learn how to stay healthy and prolong your personal and inner health!

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Suggested Contribution $10 per class
5 Classes
Weekly Classes
90-minute class