Chosen Daughters is a weekly Women’s Support Meeting open to women across the globe. The goal of the Chosen Daughters Women’s Support Meeting is to give women a space to find their inner strength by connecting to pray in unison and support each other. The group also offers participants an opportunity to show case their businesses and/or talents for the group. Attendance in this group is by membership only.

While it is free to be a part of our membership and to participate in prayer meetings, we ask for monetary support to pay the cost of providing a forum to host the meetings by phone and online.

What to Expect By Participating In Chosen Daughter Support Calls:
• A robust discussion regarding how the Creator of All empowers us as chosen daughters;
• How do you see yourself as a Daughter of The Creator of All;
• How do you view yourself and why do you view yourself that way;
• How these truths when used can assist us in taking proactive steps to become stronger and better equipped to live a happy and satisfying lives;
• Be transformed with each call when you share your knowledge, creativity, and talents with other women across the globe;
• A halt to negative thinking, bad habits, and negative beliefs;
• Shifting of energy from negative words and thoughts to thoughts of gratitude;
• More frequent positive words and thoughts;
• A chance to better yourself amongst a sisterhood of likeminded women;
• A support network to express your creativity and share your special talents, uniqueness, and accomplishments with the world;
• Develop a better self and sense of fulfillment.

How to Get Started:
• Click below to pay the suggested donation fee;
• Once you pay the suggested fee, you will receive an email from Creator of All representative giving you the call-in details and schedule for the next meeting.

Monetary Support Requested

Listen to the Prayers that will impact your life in positive ways. Please support The Creator of All global charity works. We pray that the Creator of All will prosper you in various areas of your life as you give.