ATTENTION: Do you often wonder if there’s an exclusive
prayer group Jam-packed with professional women who you can showcase your business and run your ideas by and receive constructive advice… while maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle? Now with the Chosen Daughters Group! Included in the Pro and Higher Package!

I would like to announce my Women Support Group, aimed to use the power of prayer to help, protect and guide women from all walks of life that are serious about no longer letting the outside circumstances dictate how they live their life and finally take control to become the one in the driver’s seat. THIS is where you turn to for help and support and get access to SPECIFIC tools, resources and “pick me up” special prayers to start living the life you’ve imagined but never thought it was possible.

The primary mission for the Chosen Daughters Women’s Focus Meeting is to give women from around the globe a safe space to find their inner strength by connecting to praying in unison and support each other.

The group also offers participants an opportunity to showcase their businesses and/or talents for the group. Attendance in
this group is by membership only. You get to rob should with women of the Creator of All who are going through the exact
same things as you.

Year after year more and more women are losing time because their goals and needs have taken a back seat. This is your chance to finally take back CONTROL. Here’s What to Expect by Participating in Chosen

Daughter women focus prayer Calls:

  • A robust discussion regarding how the Creator of All empowers us as chosen daughters
  • How do you see yourself as a Daughter of The Creator of All?
  • How do you view yourself and why do you view yourself that way?
  • How these truths when used can assist us in taking proactive steps to become stronger and better equipped to live a happy and satisfying lives
  • Be transformed with each call when you share your knowledge, creativity, and talents with other women across the globe
  • Say NO to negative thinking, bad habits, procrastination, and negative beliefs.
  • Shifting of energy from negative words and thoughts to thoughts of gratitude.
  • More frequent positive words and thoughts.
  • A chance to better yourself amongst a sisterhood of like-minded women.
  • A support network to express your creativity and share your special talents, uniqueness, and accomplishments with the world
  • Develop a better self and sense of fulfillment.
  • And much, much more

This isn’t a group you register to become part of and then proceed to forget all about it. It’s hands-on: which means that I will guide and use the full power of prayer to support and help you build a stronger life foundation in order to achieve all your heart desires. So be prepared to work!

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