Many women are trapped in a nation, culture and system, where women almost always have to fight for their rights, equal social status in the society. Even in the so called 21st century and age of technology, there are still women who have to struggle to claim their right of freedom and to live the way they want their life to transpire.

Women has every right to get their voices heard and shine where their strength lies and show the world that women are part of the society; and can prove their self-worth with respect and dignity.

You, as a woman of the society, you can better yourself by having absolute control in your life not only within your home but also outside your home. Make your own decision and choices to participate in social and religious activities.

Before, women are not allowed to get equal or higher education opportunity like men. But this norm is starting to get antiquated in most countries, though, many countries still carry on with their centuries old tradition. Women should have equal opportunity for education. Learning is for everybody regardless of your race, culture, color, social status because having an education is a right and not a privilege.

This is also true when it comes to employment opportunity. A large number of women around the world are unemployed and were never given the chance to work equally even if they have the right tools and knowledge of the job. Women are equally adept and more often are ahead of men in various socio-economic activities. There should be no prejudice when it comes to employment and should have a safe and comfortable working environment, free from any forms of sexual harassment. Also, if women have can work and find a good paying, decent job, they can help augment the family income from their own earnings.

In the event of domestic violence, uneducated women are more prone to domestic violence than the educated ones because well informed women knows how to stand and fight for their rights. So going back, education, rights, and being well informed is what women need to reduce any kind of violence. Women should fight back discrimination from race, color, age, social status and firmly stand up for your right. Unheard or heard voices, it’s a fact that women have a great impact and have contributed a lot in the development of a country, society and family.


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