About Us – Creator of All

Creator of All family center offers Prayers, Prayer meetings, fellowship, consulting, and coaching services. We are a part of a global community dedicated to the true knowledge of the Creator of All. We view our work as a ministry dedicated to serving individuals, couples, families, and businesses that are seeking spiritual based consulting, interventions, and life coaching services. All of our services incorporate prayer and are rooted in biblical teachings of the Old Testament of the Bible, including the apocrypha books, and The Book of Enoch; The Book of Jubilees; Book of Jasher.

Our Mission

The Creator of all provides a safe space for reflection and dynamic self-improvement by way of focus meditational prayer. Dr. Utah teaches that there is no separation between the many layers of self. The right prayer, performed at the right time, is the key to uniting heart, mind feeling, and body into a powerful vessel that ripples the Creator’s love and positivity out into the world.

Creator of All Core Beliefs

• The Bible and the word of our Creator is our foundation and guidance.
• The Biblical Old Testament teachings are what the Creator gave us to live by.
• Prayer is one of the keys to connecting to our Creator of all.
• Negative thoughts and words produce negative outcomes while positive thoughts and words produce positive outcomes.
• Individuals have the ability and power to change their lives.
• The Creator of all is the key to unity and strength within the family.

Our Vision

The Creator of All is your partner in conscious creation in your life. This powerful truth rests at the heart of all matters.
As a member of Creator of all family, you will be prescribed a unique prayer regimen, to serve as an access point to the flowing presence of the Creator of all.
Dr. Utah’s revolutionary method of prayer addresses every detail that makes up the big picture of your life. With her gentle and no-nonsense approach, every aspect of your being–physical, mental, heart, genetic conscious subconscious emotional and spiritual–are guided into alignment and supercharged in accordance with the Creator’s design.
The diligent practice of the prayers will enrich your life with constant joy peace and gratitude; your way is made clear, your mind is made conscious, your actions are made harmonious with your thoughts and desires.

Dr. Utah is committed to improving people’s lives one prayer at a time. The core tenant of her ministry is that you originate from, and are reborn in, the precise practice of enlightened prayer.

Our Values

Prayer is the key to accessing the creative synergy that flows between you and the Creator of all.


Precise prayer–and the actions that extend from it–will produce results over time. Patience and persistence are anchored in your belief.


The nuances of truth vary from individual to individual, but its essence is the same, and can only be experienced when one is in direct communion with the Creator of all. At the Creator of all, you are taught not only how to receive Truth, but how to reflect Truth back into the world. In other words, Creator of all teaches you how to Pray and create passionately from the heart.


It’s crucial to learn how and what the body needs in order to be well. Wholeness can only be achieved by exploring who you really are, and by converting that knowledge into positive, proactive behavior.


Most people live as divided beings, but to be truly effective, you must learn what it means to be whole, and you must make practical use of that knowledge. Wholeness is both the subject (you) and the object (a higher you in communion with the Creator of all) that is attained through Prayer.


Members of Creator of all family receive practical guidance uniquely suited to their needs, but in the end, it’s up to you to perform the actions necessary to effect real change in your life.