15/30 Day Plans

Your 15 Days or 30 Days Personal Plan To Wholeness

See your life’s problems in a different perspective



Define your specific goal for the next 15 or 30 days

Let us help you to Accomplish your wholeness goal.

If you find yourself struggling with any part of your life, this is where you identify the true causes of your challenges, setbacks and the undue baggage holding you back. Get rid of them and take total control of your life. Start living in the care and acceptance of the Creator of All.

At the Creator of All, we focus on the ACTUAL root cause of the problem, so all areas can heal.

You can be Cleansed, Renewed, and Rejuvenated to start experiencing Best Health, Happiness, Peace, Comfort, and Wholeness.

Here we guide you to make proper choices and benefiting solutions.

With our Personalized Prayer Therapy, Wholeness Consultation, and Intervention we’ll cover:

  • Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Detoxification step by step blueprints.
  • Know and do the will that the Creator of all has for your life.
  • Let your will be in harmony with the will of the Creator of all. Merge your will with that of the Creator of all.
  • Spiritual Release. Be cleansed from Evil spirits, genetic leftover, generational issues, toxic emotions, curses, spell, toxins, parasites, Candida, bacteria, viruses, fungus, heavy metal, emotional and mental issues. Trauma, negative energies, forces, objects, remove hindrances, blockages, influences, and much more.
  • Release old thoughts, imagination, feeling, emotion, habits, negative patterns and attitude that no longer serve you.
  • Daily Prayer that is specific to your set goal.
  • Hands-on help to choose the right food to eat daily for your overall physical and spiritual health.
  • Know which supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, water, Probiotic, Enzymes are BEST for you.
  • Exercise Program.
  • Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Support and Intervention.
  • Prayer Therapy for Mental, Emotional, Psychological Health,
  • Substance Abuse
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • And much more

After your sessions, we’ll continue to provide special prayer cover for you, we monitor for spirit interferences, manipulations, control, and hindrances and we’ll be with you every step of the way to know how you are progressing with your goals. And you will not be left alone to fend for yourself. .


Join us from anywhere in the world via by video, audio, chat, telephone.

Payment options

Single sessions $215

15 days Sessions Call for discounted rate

30 days Sessions Call for discounted rate