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Creator of all is not only our culture and tradition; it’s our way of life. We look into your past to help you build and create a BETTER future for total transformation
because we understand that the past, the present and the afterlife are all connected.

It’s all about the Creator of All and You. And we’re here to help guide you to a deeper understanding of who you CAN be.

We do not live outside of our prayers and cultural standards and our prayers and culture define and shape our lives – including our afterlife.

The Hidden Secret of Time

The thing is, we all have the potential to achieve ANYTHING hidden deep inside us.

It’s just that most folks never realize the hidden secret of time. See, if you’re trying to achieve and make your goals a REALITY, there are prayer points for every hour of the day to pray for different issues in your life.

You simply need to figure out what your current challenges are.

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Balance Your Life


When you sign up for the PRO package you will get access to the paid membership area with videos to help you with your prayer time.

Prayer, Meditation : Prosperity, Business, Job, family Focus- Marriage, Wedding Planning, Relationships, Security, Protection, Fitness, Weight Management, Abuse, Various Addictions, Mental Health, Men Focus, Your Whole Health, Chosen Daughters- women Focus, 55 Years old and Beyond.



When you Sign up for the Higher package you will get access to the paid membership area with videos to help you with your prayer time. The prayer times are designed to help the WHOLE YOU:

Prayer, Meditation : Prosperity, Business, Job, family Focus- Marriage, Wedding Planning, Relationships, Security, Protection, Fitness, Weight Management, Abuse, Various Addictions, Mental Health, Men Focus, Your Whole Health, Chosen Daughters- women Focus, 55 Years old and Beyond
Spiritual Release, Negative Energy Clearing, Banish Negative Spirits, Heal, transmute ancestral leftovers and much more
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We provide, Individual, Couples, Family, Group and Businesses, Prayer Therapy, Spirit Release and Intervention by video, audio, chat, telephone.

We understand how challenging life can get sometimes, that is why we offer flexible, remote service options. In addition to prayer therapy, intervention, and consultation services, we also offer crisis management sessions, to support you in your time of need.

***Packages start at $150.00

Why Should You Believe That We Can Help You?

As you already know quite well, there are a lot of people running around trying to convince you that they have all the answers. Well, I’m not one of those people.

My mission for founding this community is to provide a safe haven for people going through distress of any kind and unmindful of how to realign their core purpose in life in order to attract wonderful things out of life with focused, prescriptive prayer and good-old-fashioned pragmatism to reconstruct their reality.

Most people live unfulfilled and unremarkable lives.
Asking: is this all there is?
They live in places they don’t love and fantasize about being somewhere else. They stay in an unhappy marriage that’s slowly sucking the life out of their soul until there’s nothing left.

What you don’t know, you simply don’t know.
If you do not place yourself were life-changing and life-liberating forces coverage,
you’ll most likely keep running through life chasing your own shadow.

Creator of All is the greatest community for life-empowerment I’ve ever seen, and I’m proud to have created it. This really is a doorway to an amazing, brave, fruitful world. This place dynamically changes peoples’ lives through tailored prayer and hands-on guidance.
There are discounts, rewards, and benefits ONLY FOR registered members. But there’s a more important reason to go ahead and register right now – not later. Delay feeds and empowers evil forces. Only immediate action prohibits their power over you.

See you inside!
Dr. Yishrayl Stella Utah.

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Our Core Beliefs and Values

    • Using focus prayer as one of the keys to connect to the Creator of all.
    • Teaching and coaching all members about the importance of “thoughts” and how negative thoughts, beliefs, and words produce “negative” outcomes while “positive” thoughts, beliefs and words produce “positive” outcomes.
    • Understanding that all individuals have the ability and power to change their lives and be whoever and whatever they want to be.
    • The Creator of all is the only KEY to unity and strength within the family, business, and relationships.

So, if you are looking to enrich your life with constant joy, peace, and gratitude, and make your thought harmonious with your desires then you have definitely come to the right place.

As a family in communion with the Creator of all, we work with the Creator and Divine Spirits along with Your Higher Self, Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to send universal love and healing energy to where it is needed most for your highest good and greatest healing.

No matter what religion or spiritual beliefs you may practice, the Creator of All is here for all of humanity. Over the years we have studied many different healing modalities and have developed a unique style which combines Natural healing with direct guidance from your ‘Creator’, guided meditation, one-on-one therapy sessions, direct coaching along with specific techniques to boost the flow of healing energy directed to you.
We can also help steer you toward the appropriate healthy practices, regimes, books, and tools to accelerate your healing process.

If you would like to focus on identifying and communicating with the Creator of all, your inner beings, gain knowledge far beyond your current understanding, learn what it means to be whole, and receive practical guidance uniquely suited to YOUR needs, then this is your lucky day!
We’ve worked with and helped thousands of members from diverse backgrounds and races to achieve deep physical, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment so that they may cultivate and enjoy a greater sense of peace, happiness, and tranquility in their life.

This is simply an unending battle that you can’t fight all by yourself. That’s why the Creator of All Family was founded! To help connect your highest level of creative synergy that flows between you and the Creator of all.

Welcome to our Family – we can’t wait to see you inside!

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Prayer for my son who has been missing.

Jane, NJ

I have a son in critical condition, in need of emergency treatment, but lack the funds to seek medical attention.

Susan, MD

Prayer for my dad who is going in for a heart surgery.

Dan NJ

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